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Mount Sinabung is one of the most active volcanoes on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. After 400 years of dormancy, the volcano erupted in August 2010 and has shown periods of increased activity since 2013. This once-bustling farming village that is ideally located on fertile slopes has now turned into an eerie ghost town. Tens of thousands of people abandoned their homes and belongings in these villages after authorities ordered mandatory evacuations to prevent further deaths.

Following the most recent eruption this past spring, LHM-Indonesia staff conducted a holistic program for victims in Berastagi, North Sumatera. These people have been living in tents in refugee camps for the past seven years and most can't go back to their homes to retrieve their belongings. Now they can only rely on the kindness of the government, which sometimes is not able to give the appropriate attention that these refugees need.

In partnership with a local team of doctors and medical workers who have hearts to serve people who are suffering, LHM reached out to children, adults, and the elderly in three different camps over three days. Eight doctors and three medical workers conducted medical exams and provided treatment while LHM staff members offered clean water, good health tips, and spiritual strengthening through a variety of resources such as Bible Correspondence Course materials, films, and activity books for children. Nearly 2,500 people participated in the program and shared their personal information with staff for follow up.

"Outreach programs like this have proven to be an effective way of demonstrating and telling people of the love of Christ," says Gunya Na Thalang, LHM's regional director for Asia. "Most of these people are tired, frustrated, and generally disappointed with life. By offering a message of hope we can have a comprehensive impact in reaching both body and soul."

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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