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In celebration of Lutheran Hour Ministries' 100th anniversary, LHM is excited to announce that the weekly broadcast of The Lutheran Hour will feature Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. Klaus and Rev. Dr. Dale A. Meyer beginning Nov. 5, 2017.

The regular appearances of the two distinguished speakers are part of a transition plan being implemented following current Speaker Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz's recent acceptance of a call to serve as executive director of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty. Seltz's last broadcast will be recorded in Wittenberg and aired Reformation weekend, Oct. 29.

"In a year where we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lutheran Hour Ministries, we are extremely pleased to honor the legacy of The Lutheran Hour program by announcing that these two popular speakers have agreed to assist us while we search for the next individual who will share the Good News of Jesus Christ over the airwaves," says LHM President & CEO Kurt Buchholz. "Generations of people in our listening audience have been blessed to learn from and be strengthened in the faith by Dr. Klaus and Dr. Meyer. We look forward to their continued role in this important ministry that remains a critical part of LHM's focus on media outreach."

Klaus retired from the full-time speaker role in 2010 and has been recording one sermon a month for The Lutheran Hour and writing many of LHM's Daily Devotions. Meyer served as speaker from 1989 through 2001 (as well as host of LHM's On Main Street weekly television program) and currently serves as president of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.

The Lutheran Hour airs on nearly 1,800 stations throughout North America and reaches more than one million listeners each week. The weekly broadcast can also be heard anytime online at or through a mobile app for iPhones and Android devices.

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