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Donor Profiles: Edgar Ellermann from Lutheran Hour Ministries on Vimeo.

Ed grew up in a family committed to Christian service. He saw elder family members work in the church and serve in leadership positions for Lutheran organizations. That focus on Christian service made a real impression on Ed.

Family life was centered around the Lord as well. "My parents demonstrated their faith through everyday actions-morning devotions at breakfast, prayers before every meal, and evening devotions multiple times a week," Ed recalls.

The example of Ed's family motivated him as he was redoing his will. "I spent a lot of time prayerfully thinking about my life, my parents' lives, and my family's impact today and into the future." He had to face the question, "Do I want my money doing something that I don't want after I'm gone?"

Ed decided that LHM was his top priority to support through his estate. To honor his parents, he established The Edgar and Nelda Ellerman Endowment Fund. Proceeds are not restricted in any way. For Ed, this was a very intentional choice: "I wanted the money to be able to go where it's most necessary." The bulk of the funding for this endowment will come through a bequest from Ed's estate.

Ed has gained a great sense of contentment as he thinks about his future. "Now I feel I have faced my future and planned my future support. It took me from a place of dissatisfaction to true satisfaction. This is an easy way to make an impact with the blessings God has given me."

Ed shared, "I'm not a minister or missionary, but my gift helps me be part of sharing God's love with others-and I will be a participant in this organization into the future.

If you find yourself working through the same questions as Ed, LHM is honored to help you work through questions like, "How can I honor my family's legacy?" and "Can I make a difference and take care of my loved ones?"

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