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Stepping back in time is what Archives August is all about. You can make the trip yourself this August when Lutheran Hour Ministries airs two prerecorded sermons from former Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, the Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer (1989-2001). He can be heard on Sunday August 6 and 13. Today Meyer is the president of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.

These two classic messages, dating to the late 1990s, focus on the resurrection life we share as Christians and the role that prayer plays in our relationship to God the Father. Highlighting each of these messages will be an Action in Ministry (AIM) conversation between Meyer and current Speaker for The Lutheran Hour, the Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz.

"On Thee the High and Lowly" originally aired April 27, 1997. It makes the point that every Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection we cherish through faith in our Redeemer, Jesus. Meyer said, "When you participate in worship, when you join in the continuing celebration of Easter, you are in a better position to put your conflicts, your troubles around the house, even death, into a better perspective. You can do that because you're not chained to your present problems. Let me explain. Christian worship is done in the name of the Triune God. A worship service usually starts with these words, 'In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.' Those words are the same words that were spoken over you when you were baptized. So, as worship continues the Easter celebration, it also reminds you of your Baptism."

In "Looking for a Good Speaker," which originally aired June 7, 1998, Meyer began a series of messages on the Lord's Prayer and how it speaks to our relationship with God our Father. He writes, "This is what I want to urge upon you now. In your private times, say the Lord's Prayer slowly so you will think about what Jesus teaches and how you can put works and relationships in a proper perspective. Pause to think about what the word 'Father' means. It means that God has brought you into His family. Pause to think about what the word 'Our' means. It's not 'My Father who art in heaven,' but rather 'Our Father who art in heaven.' Whether you say it alone or in a group, the Lord's Prayer is about our relationships as children of the Heavenly Father."

Archives August is another way The Lutheran Hour celebrates the message that echoes in Christian churches worldwide: "Christ is risen. He is risen, indeed!" It's also an appreciative acknowledgment of those individuals who were the public "face" of this organization during their tenure, preaching far and wide over the airwaves, and at remote locations, around the world. Often, too, these men had other demanding responsibilities as well. Readers will also remember that Meyer was the host of the long-running weekly TV talk show, On Main Street.

You can listen to The Lutheran Hour on radio stations across North America and Canada, on the American Forces Network (AFN), and on the internet wherever you are. Go to to consult our broadcast guide, read about the program's history, see where Dr. Seltz is speaking next, and more.

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