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For 2018, LHM is excited to announce that the southeast Asian nation of Cambodia is the destination of its seventh annual international Online Mission Trip. The "trip" to Cambodia will be available to Lutheran schools across North America beginning Jan. 22-26, 2018-during National Lutheran Schools Week. This experience is perfect for many different audiences. You can use the Online Mission Trip content yourself and share it with other groups such as friends, family, home schools, people in your church, and anyone else.

"We are blessed beyond imagination to show kids and adults how their mission dollars help share the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ to the people of Cambodia," says Brad Neathery, associate director of constituent services for Lutheran Hour Ministries. "This year, we look forward to involving even more people beyond the classroom in this exciting international mission experience."

After successfully introducing the Online Mission Trip concept in 2012 with a virtual trip to Paraguay, LHM has offered students the opportunity to learn about its work sharing the Gospel with the people of Thailand, Kenya, Guatemala, Latvia, and Madagascar. Last year an estimated 50,000 students from around 500 schools participated.

LHM reaches out in Cambodia with strategies that are tailored to share the Gospel in a culture that is slowly recovering from being devastated and impoverished by a communist dictatorship during the 1970s. Much of Cambodia's society is rural and agrarian but enjoys a high degree of literacy. In this environment, our ministry's Bible Correspondence Courses and Equipping the Saints evangelism training programs are effective in educating people in Christian teachings and in reaching others. The ministry's emphasis on youth outreach makes use of music events, film shows, and technologies such as the internet and text messaging to attract young people, present a Christian message, and offer opportunities to learn more.

Make plans now to journey with us to a country with unique culture, fascinating history, amazing wildlife, and exciting ways to share Jesus. More details about the coming Online Mission Trip, including registration information, will be available this summer by going to

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