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More than 60 percent of LHM's registered voting members cast ballots in the recent election to fill seats on the organization's Board of Directors. This year marked the first time that the voting registration process, which was approved by members last year, was used. This new process helped to decrease the cost of organizational elections by nearly two-thirds and means the 10 percent quorum required by Missouri (where LHM is headquartered) for a certified election now applies to only members who register to vote.

Gene Partlow of Williamsburg, Virginia, was elected to the position of vice chairman. He had been filling the remaining one year on Phil Johnson's term as vice chairman after Johnson was elected to chairman last spring.

The following individuals were re-elected to three-year terms on the Board as Directors: Richard "Dick" Gast of Mission Viejo, California (second term); Leonard Pranschke of St. Louis, Missouri (second term); Andreas Schwabe of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (second term); and Janice Wendorf of Neenah, Wisconsin (second term).

Bylaws Changes Approved
In addition to selecting individuals for the Board, voters also passed two proposed Bylaws changes that appeared on the ballot:
* Eliminating the separate election of chairman and vice chairman in the future and giving the Board the authority to appoint these officer positions annually from among the 14 sitting Board members (just as the Board already does for the officer positions of secretary and treasurer).
* Making revisions of a stylistic nature to create internal consistency and linguistic clarity within the Bylaws. These edits do not reflect changes to Int'l LLL policies or procedures.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year in the new election process! Want to vote in 2018? Anyone who gives a gift to LHM between July 1, 2016 and Dec. 31, 2017 will be eligible to register for next year's voting membership. Details on how to register will be provided in an early 2018 mailing.

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