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Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, has accepted a call from the board of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty (LCRL) in Washington, D.C. to serve as the LCRL's executive director. Seltz is slated to leave his role as Speaker later this summer, though he is committed to fulfilling all duties of the Speaker in the transition months to come.

"It's been a blessing to have Pastor Seltz serve in the long line of gifted speakers who have shared the Gospel with millions over the airwaves since The Lutheran Hour's first broadcast in 1930," says LHM President & CEO Kurt Buchholz. "Pastor Seltz and I are confident that God has a plan for this important ministry that is a critical part of LHM's focus on media outreach. We ask for continued prayers for Pastor Seltz and his family as he transitions into this new role with the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty."

"It has been the greatest honor of my life to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Walter A. Maier, Dr. Oswald Hoffmann, Dr. Dale Meyer, Dr. Ken Klaus, and all the other great speakers on The Lutheran Hour over the past 87 years," says Seltz. "What a privilege to serve the wonderful people of the Lutheran Laymen's League and the churches of the LCMS in carrying out ministry alongside the tremendous and dedicated LHM staff. Together, we have advanced the cause of the Gospel and reached so many people each week on the radio.

"I do believe, though, there exists a great challenge before Christ's church in the current milieu of the American culture. My new position will seek to ensure, maintain, and defend religious liberty protections for our churches, schools, universities, and fellow believers so that the Gospel may indeed have free course in our culture, calling all people to faith in Christ. I believe my work with the National Religious Broadcasters, my previous work with Concordia, Irvine, and my many years in urban ministry have indeed prepared me to engage such things by God's grace and power."

Based in Washington, D.C., the goal of the LCRL is to monitor and protect First Amendment rights in the public square from a uniquely Lutheran perspective.

Since becoming Speaker in 2011, Seltz developed a bold vision for expanding the reach of The Lutheran Hour program through live broadcasts and other twenty-first century media while being in high demand for speaking engagements about evangelism, entrepreneurial leadership development, and team ministry within the city. His well-rounded ministry experience previously included training students at Concordia University in Irvine, California, to launch ministries in a variety of cultural settings; serving as executive director of an urban, not-for-profit evangelism ministry in Manhattan, New York; founding the first new Lutheran mission start in New York City in more than 40 years (Church For All Nations, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod); and planting a mission church in Dallas.

The Lutheran Hour currently reaches more than 1 million people a week. It airs on more than 1,700 radio stations across North America and is also available online, through a mobile app, and on the American Forces Network.

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