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Helping others is what it's all about. That's the story behind the fifth annual Men's NetWork WORK DAY in a nutshell, which is coming up in a little under two months on Saturday, April 29!

The emphasis this year will once again be on getting groups to do their work away from church campuses and school grounds. While there's probably always a church member or two with some significant need—and while those jobs work too—the idea driving the Men's NetWork WORK DAY is to work at doing genuine outreach.

By getting out into communities and neighborhoods and by working in homes where those receiving help may be unchurched or, perhaps, questioning the whole God-thing, an inroad may be paved for the Gospel. In fact, in those situations, as you arrive with your rakes, shovels, trash bags, and words of good cheer, you may soon find an opportunity to share Jesus and a bit of God's Word.

Don't forget too that your "group" does not need to be an official men's group from a church. If you've got a few buddies and you've got a job you'd like to do, go ahead and sign up. The more the merrier.

Registration details are available at

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