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Maria was born in the city of Barinas, Venezuela, and was raised in a poor family where her parents had no way of giving her a good education. When she was 16 years old, she met an older man who was serving in the military. She was immediately attracted to his good looks and his kindness towards her. Despite their difference in age, they got married a few months later and Maria was excited to finally put poverty behind her.

Two months after her marriage, Maria became pregnant and she was thrilled to be starting a family. However, to her surprise, the news about becoming a father did not please her husband. He began going out more often and drinking alcohol to excess. Each time he came home it would lead to arguments and verbal abuse directed towards Maria.

Months went by until the day of giving birth to their child arrived, and Maria found herself at home alone that day. Her neighbors drove her to the hospital where she gave birth to a baby boy. When she called her husband to tell him about their son's birth, he refused to come to the hospital to visit them. This was the final straw in their relationship; Maria decided to leave her husband and ask for a divorce.

This decision did not improve Maria's life. She became afraid of falling in love with another man (or potentially getting married again) and tried to find comfort with many different men who just made her feel lonely and empty inside. In addition, she felt like a failure as a mother and fell into a deep depression.

Maria was starting to believe that life was not worth living when one day she heard an encouraging message over the local radio station that said, "Dear God. You who are our Father, help me with this deep loneliness that I have." This message had a tremendous impact on her and she immediately called the phone number that was given at the end of the program. She got in contact with staff from Lutheran Hour Ministries—Venezuela and they listened to her discuss her problems and offered encouragement through their prayers and biblical teachings that greatly nourished Maria's spiritual life.

Today, Maria has an optimistic outlook on her life. "Thanks to hearing about the Good News from my brothers and sisters of Lutheran Hour Ministries, my son is blessed to now have a mother who is completely happy and devoted to God."

It has been said that more than 90% of the world's population has access to radio—and radio can cross borders and reach into the homes, workplaces, and cars of people almost anywhere in the world. This is one of the main reasons why radio continues to be an important strategy for LHM to be able to connect with the unreached in more than 50 nations around the world.

In addition to broadcasting short radio messages, LHM—Venezuela's evangelistic activities address everyday problems through outreach such as Christian literature, film showing and lectures, youth resources, and a Bible course aimed at connecting individuals with congregations.

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