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Lutheran Hour Ministries' Online Mission Trip 2017—the organization's sixth mission education program for school students—introduced tens of thousands of "virtual missionaries" to the land, culture, and character of Madagascar—as well as to the work of LHM there. Held Jan. 23-27 during National Lutheran Schools Week, the Online Mission Trip was filled with energy, excitement, and assurances of God's love for people everywhere.

Ministry programs like the Online Mission Trip show young people how the Gospel is reaching people around the world. As they see the power of the Gospel, they are encouraged to be part of the Gospel movement to which we all are sent.

God worked in amazing ways during this year's Online Mission Trip, and students responded! Children around the country embraced a goal to raise $30,000 towards Gospel outreach in Madagascar. Here's one inspiring story:

Jill Holland's third-grade class wanted to help spread the Gospel in Madagascar. They decided to sell friendship-grams to their friends, family, and teachers. Over the course of two days, this class of nine students sold 290 friendship-grams! The students told Ms. Holland they learned that doing small things can make a big difference in someone's life.

"This was one of the best experiences I have had as a teacher," shared Ms. Holland.

This year also led to participation from outside Lutheran schools among the more than 560 parents, teachers, and other educators who enrolled for the "trip".

"We are a home school of two students, and have always been a bit envious of previous Online Mission Trips that our local Lutheran schools participated in," says Karen Belli. "We spent the lunch hour every day watching the videos and learning about Madagascar. It allowed us to get out of our normal routine and do something different. The boys realized there was more they could be doing here in their neighborhood to witness to others, especially at the playground. I also was encouraged to look for opportunities to make a difference in others' lives."

You can still experience the excitement of LHM's 2017 Online Mission Trip to Madagascar. Videos for each of the five day's sessions are available anytime, to anybody, for download or to watch through YouTube! And who knows? When you see them for yourself, you might get inspired to share them with friends or family members or use them as resources in your Sunday school, VBS, or small group! To watch the videos, visit LHM's Online Mission Trip web page at and click the Resources link.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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