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The arrival of Ash Wednesday ushers in the season of Lent—a magnificent time in the church year. Lent is when we turn our attention from the hustle of our lives and fix our gaze on the one-of-a-kind drama that played out in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. In this year's seasonal devotions for Lent, From the Cradle to the Empty Grave, we turn our reverential gaze to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

These brief meditations, drawn primarily from the Gospel of Luke, show Jesus trekking the countryside and preaching the Good News, healing those with infirmities, rebuking Satan and his foul temptations, breaking down His message for His disciples, and ever so steadily making His way to the onerous weight of the cross that awaited Him at Golgotha.

And on that bloody hill, what would seemingly end in despair, God made into His ultimate triumph: the redemption of mankind through the shed blood of His Son, resurrecting Him to reign forevermore at His right hand.

From the Cradle to the Empty Grave is now available to be read online and heard as a podcast. It can also be received as an e-mail subscription throughout the Lenten season. Congregations are also encouraged to download, personalize, and print these seasonal meditations to give to members or offer them to guests and visitors as a resource for outreach. Check out all of these options at

LHM is also once again featuring Lenten devotions in Spanish. Written by Rev. Hector Hoppe, senior editor—multilingual at Concordia Publishing House, Alli me veran ("You'll See Me There") is now available online to download, print, read, and receive by e-mail. You can find them by visiting

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