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The vibrant history of laity-driven ministry and a bold vision for future sharing of the Gospel were highlighted during LHM's 100th Anniversary kickoff event in St. Louis this past October. Around 900 attendees visited with LHM ministry center representatives from around the world and heard from a slate of speakers who challenged, energized, and equipped them with tools and encouragement to put their faith into action. If you weren't able to attend the event, you can now check out the weekend's presentations online at

Many new and special commemorative items were also introduced during the 100th Anniversary kickoff celebration in St. Louis—and they can now be yours. Whether purchasing for yourself or as a gift, you will become a valued participant in LHM's mission of Bringing Christ to the Nations—and the Nations to the Church.

Energize your faith with our newest publication, CALLED. EQUIPPED. SENT: Inspirations from 100 Years of Sharing the Gospel. This lavishly-illustrated, soft-cover coffee-table style book contains more than 130 pages of historic photos and inspirational writings from the various voices heard on The Lutheran Hour through the years:
• Dr. Walter A. Maier, Speaker (1930-1950)
• Dr. Andrew Melendez, Spanish Speaker (1941-1972)
• Dr. Lawrence Acker, Speaker (1950-1951)
• Dr. Armin C. Oldsen, Speaker (1951-1953)
• Dr. Oswald C.J. Hoffmann, Speaker (1955-1988)
• Rev. Dr. Wallace Schulz, Associate Speaker (1977-2002)
• Dr. Dale A. Meyer, Speaker (1989-2001)
• Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus, Speaker (2002-2010); Speaker Emeritus (2011-present)
• Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz, Speaker (2011-present)

The book also includes writings from Dr. Herman Gockel, director of Lutheran Television, and Phyllis Wallace, host of Woman to Woman. As a bonus, this special commemorative anniversary edition contains a foldout history timeline which documents important dates and milestones from the beginning of the Lutheran Laymen's League to the exciting digital mission field of today.

Adorn your walls with new limited-edition, two-sided posters. One poster includes a reproduction of a classic 1940s-era promotion of The Lutheran Hour on one side and a modern colorful, stylized message of Bringing Christ to the Nations—and the Nations to the Church on the other side. The second poster available is a brightly colored illustration representing our international ministries complete with travel stamps of our international ministry centers on the back. Both posters are suitable for framing in your church or home.

Finally, raise a toast to 100 years of sharing the Gospel through the Int'l LLL/LHM with a limited-edition ceramic stein. Debuted during the anniversary celebration's Oktoberfest, the stein includes four classic LLL/LHM logos on one side and the colorful 100th anniversary celebration logo on the other side. It's the perfect gift for coffee and beer aficionados alike! Prost!

All of these items are available online at or by calling 1-800-876-9880.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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