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Congratulations to the winners from the recent coloring contest sponsored by the Petal Pushers, the volunteer decorating force active with the Southern California District of the International Lutheran Laymen's League. This year's contest saw 674 students from 62 schools across the country participate.

Winners were grouped into several categories: Preschool-Kindergarten; First and Second Grade; Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades; and Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades. Each winner receives a $50 coupon to use on Petal Pushers merchandise from their online store, a Petal Pushers t-shirt, and a Lutheran Hour Ministries Float magnet. The teacher of the winning student from each category also receives the same prizes. Second and third place winners (students) receive a Petal Pushers t-shirt and a float magnet.

This year's winners (last names are not listed for privacy purposes) include:

First - Emily from Immanuel Lutheran School, Mercedes, TX
Second -Randy from Trinity Lutheran School, San Angelo, TX
Third - Anneliese from Immanuel Lutheran Early Childhood, St. Charles, MO

First - Sullivan from St. James Lutheran, Howard Lake, MN
Second - Uriah from St. John's Lutheran School, Lanesville, IN
Third - Viviana from Trinity Christian School, Norwalk, CA

First - Isabella from Iota Elementary, Iota, LA
Second - Olivia from Immanuel Lutheran School, Riverside, CA
Third - Wesley from Christ Lutheran School, Overland Park, KS

First - Isaac from King of Kings Lutheran School, Roseville, MN
Second - Emeri from Trinity Lutheran School, Cape Girardeau, MO
Third - Isabel from St. Paul Lutheran School, Bay City, MI

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