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When Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) was founded in 1917, the United States was considered an overwhelmingly Christian nation with a deeply embedded spiritual culture. While the United States is still a Christian nation, it is now also considered one of the fastest-growing global mission fields.

LHM fully believes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only response to this faith decline. The ministry began sharing the Gospel truth on the radio in 1930 through The Lutheran Hour. The program still proclaims God's eternal Good News on traditional radio today, but also uses other communications methods that have evolved as the world has changed to present the timeless Gospel in a way that is impactful for individuals today.

LHM's efforts to share the Gospel far and wide will now be expanded through a new partnership with the Lutheran Legacy Foundation (LLF), based out of Paris, Ill., that creates the endowed fund for Public Proclamation. This endowed fund has a very special purpose: to provide sustained future funding towards the enduring mission outreach of The Lutheran Hour in the United States and around the world. As LHM's public proclamation continues to evolve, this endowed fund will provide a catalyst of funding to support the ministry in that mission.

As partners in this public proclamation mission, LLF has made a very special offer to LHM supporters. LLF will match 40 percent of the first $1 million given towards the endowed fund for Public Proclamation. This will provide LHM with $400,000 in additional matching funds to help proclaim the life-saving Gospel! As part of this unique partnership, the endowed fund for Public Proclamation will be managed by LLF and LHM will have access to use these funds to support Gospel proclamation ministry.

Individuals who want to support this endowed fund can give directly to LHM by calling 1-877-333-1963 or visiting LHM will process all gifts received for this endowed fund.

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