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Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday (LHM Sunday) is Feb. 5, although churches can hold this event any Sunday throughout the year. LHM Sunday celebrates what is the driving force of Lutheran Hour Ministries—YOU! Lutheran Hour Ministries is, and always has been, a family of lay members who are committed to sharing the hope-giving Gospel.

As a member-based ministry, part of Lutheran Hour Ministries' focus is providing resources that you can use to reach out with the love of Christ in your family, your community, and your world. This year we highlight five ways you can use LHM resources to impact those in your life:

1) The Lutheran Hour shares the Gospel every week in ways that speak to the real-life struggles and questions that we all face. You can encourage friends and family members to visit or download The Lutheran Hour smartphone app.
2) Project Connect booklets address tough topics and big questions like breast cancer, divorce, grief, and depression. These easy-to-read tools can be the first step to beginning a conversation with someone in need.
3) Video resources are a great way to share the Gospel with someone who may be unwilling to enter a church or even discuss spiritual matters, but who is willing to check out a video that you forward or share with them.
4) International Volunteer Trips allow participants to experience and take part in being the hands and feet of Christ in another part of the world.
5) You can be a part of digital outreach efforts that Lutheran Hour Ministries is launching in 2017. Follow Lutheran Hour Ministries on Facebook for news and announcements.

As a grassroots ministry, LHM relies on your prayers, advocacy, and support. Please consider asking your pastor to have your congregation take part in LHM Sunday sometime in 2017 to celebrate all that we can do to share the Gospel together.

Visit to find more information, download resources, and order FREE materials today. Any orders needing to be delivered for a Feb. 5 event must be placed by Jan. 22. This will ensure that ministry dollars are not spent on expedited shipping charges. Churches that are hosting an LHM Sunday after Feb. 5 can order after this date, although you are asked to allow at least two weeks for delivery.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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