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Born during the "Golden Age" of television, This is the Life was a television staple for more than 30 years that featured stars like Jack Nicholson, Leonard Nimoy, and Angie Dickinson long before they hit the "big time." Now, two new DVD offerings available from Lutheran Hour Ministries feature nine classic episodes of the program that have been selected from among hundreds produced by Lutheran Television Productions during the 1950s through the 1980s.

Viewers will find the subjects and storylines aren't the stuff of sitcoms or even family-oriented shows that always went for the "happy ending" during this era of television. These episodes included stories of faith-healing gone awry; a married couple's loss of their daughter; a pastor whose legalism was driving his members away; the bitter animosity of a father against his daughter's suitor; and more. In the end, each episode has one thing in common: God reigns through every event in our lives, and it is by faith in His Son—following and honoring Him—that our lives find their fullest meaning.

Each episode is introduced and capped with commentary from Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour. His comments offer interesting tidbits and little-known details on the actors and directors involved in the production of This is the Life. He closes each episode with a brief message that highlights God doing His work in the lives of ordinary people. Shot on Hollywood sets and backlots, these episode additions were filmed by Hollywood Impact Studios, a mentoring organization founded by Gary and Cyndi Hall. It works with inmates in the Los Angeles County Jail system, training incarcerated men in television and film production.

You can get your fix of classic TV from Lutheran Hour Ministries in two ways:
1) This is the Life: Classics on DVD for $34.95. This includes nine episodes—each featuring stories of God's extraordinary love in action in the lives of ordinary people.
2) This is the Life: Classics Deluxe DVD set for $39.95. This option includes the nine episodes plus a bonus CD disc with behind-the-scenes photos, small-group discussion sheets, PDFs of the TV scripts, a promotional video, and more.

You can select from these two offers by visiting

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