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In the midst of cancer's painful reality, you must dare to hope. Hope is a lifeline to your future beyond your present pain. Your future hope becomes your present strength - a strength undiminished by illness and suffering. Remember, you are God's beloved and He has a plan for you. This gracious plan cannot be unwritten or altered. It is certain, secure, and confirmed in His Son. If you look to the future using your eyes of faith, you will see yourself with Him - healthy, whole, and vibrant. Hold on to this vision. Rejoice in the reality that is approaching. What you see is yours. Have hope.

Your body is not your enemy. The pain you feel is a stark reminder that the world is not as it was designed to be, but remain who you are. Resist the temptation to separate yourself from your physical form. Claim your body as your own. Embrace it in its brokenness. In the height of your pain, cry out to your Creator. Offer Him your suffering. Your suffering connects you to His Son. Jesus unites your pain with His own; He suffers it with you; He takes it to the grave. Jesus redeems your pain. While it is difficult to believe, you will not always suffer. The resurrected Christ will give you a body like His and your suffering will end. The design will finally be restored and cancer along with every illness will be overcome. Have Hope.

Your mental anguish is known to God. Your pained and panicked inner monologue is never without a divine audience. God invites you into an unspoken conversation. He invites you to share what's on your mind. God is bigger than your fears. He will not be offended by your concerns. There is no thought you can form that will weaken His love for you. You are safe with Him. Remember, you have the mind of His Son. A mind that can conceive what others cannot. A mind that knows the hidden beauty of the kingdom of God. If possible, in your times of confusion and torment, seek this beauty. It is there for your meditation. It is a gift of clarity that offers a point of focus in the midst of your suffering. Think on these things. Have Hope.

LHM's new booklet Hope and Healing: Surviving Breast Cancer can speak to the fears and questions of those dealing with this difficult diagnosis. You can order this resource today to share with someone in your life or provide to an organization in your area that serves people dealing with breast cancer.

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