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Lack of access to eye care services is a severe problem in the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica. Recent statistics show that more than 40 percent of the population has never received an eye examination and less than a quarter of the country's people receive a regular eye exam every few years.

To help with this problem, LHM—Jamaica recently partnered with MOST Ministries to host an eyeglass clinic in three locations throughout the country. Each year, MOST Ministries provides around 10,000 pairs of recycled eyeglasses to people living in the developing nations around the world. Generous individuals, churches, and organizations across the United States collect and send used eyeglasses to MOST Ministries, where they are then sorted, tested, and repackaged by volunteers for distribution by short-term mission team members.

The MOST team of 10 arrived at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay earlier this summer to meet up with LHM—Jamaica's staff and volunteers and begin their journey to the first stop at Bath Mountain in Westmoreland. Over the next several days, the team came across children as young as four years old, and men and women who were as old as 90. Each and every one of them has walked out of the clinic with perfect or almost perfect vision as well as the Good News of God's love and saving grace.

By the end of the week, the team served 514 individuals and gave out 585 pairs of glasses (some people went home with two pairs of glasses since they needed them for both close-up and distance vision). Response to the clinic was very positive:

• At Bath Mountain, one person went around shaking each team member's hand to thank them because "the Lord has truly sent you for now I can see better. This has helped me both physically and spiritually because I can now read my Bible."
• At the RCL Nursing Home in St. Elizabeth, one of the residents there got her glasses and her eyes lit up as she gave a big smile. While she didn't say anything, the glow on her face told the whole story.
• In Kingston, a young woman asked questions about the ministry and what we do. When all of her questions were answered she asked if she could send her children to our Vacation Bible School. The answer: Absolutely!

"Wow...that is all that our team can say," reported MOST team member Laura on her group's blog. "We have been overflowing with joy and love sharing the Word of God and giving the opportunity of sight to the people here in Jamaica. We are so thankful that we were able to have such a successful mission in Jamaica and also able to serve the people there by spreading the Gospel."

Please keep praying for the people of Jamaica and their health, as well as the ongoing ministry efforts of LHM-Jamaica. To learn more about LHM-Jamaica, visit

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