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Since 2012, Lutheran Hour Ministries has been introducing students to how the Gospel is shared around the world through the Online Mission Trip. Past trips have taken students to Paraguay, Thailand, Kenya, Guatemala, and Latvia. This year's trip is journeying to the African nation of Madagascar during National Lutheran Schools Week, January 23-27, 2017.

Madagascar is known to many people for its natural beauty and abundance of rare plant and animal species. However, most kids know the country better from the series of popular animated films in the last decade featuring stars such as Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Lutheran Hour Ministries is excited to show kids the real Madagascar, a land filled with fascinating people and cultures as well as amazing opportunities to share the Good News!

Since it is meant to be a "trip," the goal of the Online Mission Trip is to take students "outside" of the classroom and experience the people, places, and ministry in a different part of the world. Students watch engaging daily videos that expand their awareness of the world and how God's church is at work. These videos offer opportunities to meet ministry staff in the country, trips to historic locations, day in the life videos with kids in the country, and on-site filming of ministry programs. The goal throughout the week is to immerse the kids in many parts of the countries where Lutheran Hour Ministries operates. The videos will be made available online at the beginning of each school day, which means that home schools and others outside of Lutheran Schools can participate as well.

Beyond the videos, classes are encouraged to interact with the staff of Madagascar by posting questions and comments on Facebook and Twitter. Our staff in the U.S. and Madagascar will respond to these questions and continue the conversation with classes around the country. Students are also encouraged to color pictures and write notes for kids in Madagascar! These notes will be sent to the ministry center in Madagascar and shared with actual kids in that country. This simple act allows students in the U.S. to see firsthand how they can share God's love with other kids around the world!

Students also learn how they can directly impact the people they see in the Online Mission Trip. Students, parents, and schools are invited to generously support the mission work taking place in Madagascar. Many schools choose to designate part of their chapel offerings for the year to the Online Mission Trip destination country. Students also fill milk carton banks to support Lutheran Hour Ministries' global mission work. Since the beginning of the Online Mission Trip in 2012, more than $100,000 has been given by kids in response!

The Online Mission Trip is a great way for teachers to educate their students and help them experience the spread of the Gospel around the world—without having to leave their classrooms. Please share this information with your pastors, teachers, children, or grandchildren and encourage them to take part in this unique experience. Schools can sign up right now at To learn more about Online Mission Trips with Lutheran Hour Ministries or get details about this year's event, visit

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