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Imagine facing the risk of death for what you believe. Even worse, imagine your children not being safe because they believe in Jesus.

For Christians in the Middle East, this danger is all too real. Unimaginable situations like this have forced thousands of Christians, mostly women and children, to flee their homes. Today they survive in almost impossible circumstances.

The situation looks bleak, but you can carry Christ's hope to them from where you are!

With the support of organizations and individual partners like you, LHM's ministry center in Lebanon provides food and other relief to refugees from Syria, Iraq and other countries. Beyond feeding their bodies, we also feed their faith.

You can read more on our ministry blog.

Will you be a light in the dark and help Christian victims of persecution? Please make a gift today!

Thank you for showing Christ's love to these souls.

Your Partner in HIS Mission,

Kurt Buchholz
President & CEO

Donate now to Christian victims of persecution!

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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