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Grief can overwhelm and debilitate, but it can be managed. Check out 10 Scriptures that Represent Grief that can hopefully help those needing the weight of sorrow lifted and help them move forward.

We cry when we lose someone we love, but that's only because we'll miss them for a little while. Jesus promises to raise us from the dead. That's hope with a realized, perfect future.

Grief is not something you, your family or your friends do alone. Just like the fun of laughing together, crying together binds us together.

Times of agony and hurting are not a lack of God's caring. Instead, they are a small reminder that in our weakness our Lord comes to us. We cry when we hurt ,but Jesus comforts the downhearted.

The loss of a loved one, a job, or even a marriage can happen. We can become skeptical or cynical toward life. Jesus delivers consolation to the brokenhearted so that we can go on without a total loss.

Never alone. It can seem that we've been abandoned, left all alone. Jesus, who brought you into this world, gives you a purpose to fulfill: to be His ambassador of hope unto eternity. The Rock stands with you every day.

The challenges facing you daily can be strength-builders for others. What would you be if you didn't have challenges, difficulties, and some loss? Allow God to be your strength so that you can point others to Him.

Moms have a special bond with their children. They laugh with you, cry with you, and pick you up when you fall down. Just as God gave you a loving mom, so He is there for you, a hundredfold.

Ever see a protective bird watching over her chicks or eggs? She will give her life to protect her little ones. So it is with God; He provides you shelter so that you might soar like the eagles again.

The LORD demonstrated to His people that He had a terrific purpose for His people. Through trouble and danger, He never forgot them. Do not lose hope for your life. He will be your strength and stay.

Do you worry when clouds in life build up all around you? Do you worry for your life? God has called you and redeemed you to be His own. He walks you through such times with a purpose beyond the storm.

Does it seem like you're facing giants? Are you worried? God claims you and your life for His good. Jesus withstood the worst for you on the cross. Stand tall and be His own, for God goes with you everywhere.

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