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This year saw more than 50 men's groups in action with some 900 individuals taking part in the fourth annual Men's NetWork WORK DAY on Saturday, April 30. For 2016's effort, groups made an excellent showing by doing jobs that served others in a variety of ways. Many also gave their efforts a decidedly outreach flair by intentionally getting into their communities and off their church campuses to do their work.

Among the many jobs tackled was a Habitat for Humanity build, and repairs to a shut-in's home by the men of Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Greensboro, North Carolina; clean up and repair work to a free clinic for women by Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; yard work and repairs at a crisis pregnancy center by First Immanuel Lutheran Church in Cedarburg, Wisconsin; yard work and repairs at a domestic violence shelter by Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Hermiston, Oregon; landscaping and clean-up at the Fort Lupton City Museum by Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Fort Lupton, Colorado; and walking path maintenance at Oak Ridge Marsh Nature Park in Lake Zurich, Illinois, by St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.

As you can see the projects were varied, and many of the beneficiaries were far beyond the confines of church property. With that said, however, there was much good work done for those affiliated with the church too. All in all it was an enormous win-win, and we applaud the efforts of everyone involved in making this year's WORK DAY a great success.

As is often the case when help is rendered, those giving it are among the ones who benefit the most. This comment from Rodney Smith of the SJLC (Serving Jesus, Living in Community) men's group at St. John's Lutheran Church in Alexandria, Virginia, pretty much sums it up: "We have been blessed to participate in every WORK DAY since its inception in 2013. It has been a positive team-building exercise for the men of our congregation through working together in service to others."

To check out pictures and commentary from a number of men's groups involved in this year's Men's NetWork WORK DAY, go to Lutheran Hour Ministries' Facebook page and see the posts.

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