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The Bible study A Man Named Martin is now available with voiceover in Spanish. Un hombre llamado Martin includes the same five sessions of the English version, and the discussion guide containing relevant Scriptures for study, questions to answer, and "Digging Deeper" Internet links for further exploration.

The Reformation tie between Germany and Spain is one people may be unfamiliar with. There's a link between Martin Luther and a Spanish Christian — also a Roman Catholic monk — Casiodoro de Reina that was instrumental in propelling forward the vital truths of the Gospel. "At the same time that Luther was trying hard to reform the church of his time, another monk, Reina, was also proclaiming Luther's 'justification by faith' in Spain and translating the Bible into Spanish," said Beatriz Hoppe, the project manager.

"Their 16th-century translations into their respective languages left a most precious legacy to the Christian church: the Holy Scriptures in vernacular language. Martin Luther translated the Bible into German while exiled in the castle (1521-1522), and Casiodoro de Reina into Spanish while exiled in England and Holland (1558-1563). The translations of those two Roman Catholic monks who had been expelled from the Roman Catholic Church, outlawed and persecuted, became pivotal for the continuity of the Reformation and the expansion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ," Hoppe added.

Un hombre llamado Martin is ideal for sharing with your Spanish-speaking friends and/or members of your congregation. Does your church offer (or seek to offer) Bible studies to its Spanish-speaking members? If so, this resource is ideal. As a study topic (Martin Luther, the Reformation, 16th-century religion in Europe), it can be adapted to school and student use in religious studies or history courses. These are just a few ideas on how to utilize Un hombre llamado Martin as a cross-cultural outreach tool.

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