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It's safe to say that if someone we knew were to start up a society called "Seed of Hope," we might be inclined think that the name refers to something far-off, intangible, visionary. But to six students at Cameroon's University of Ngaoundéré, the name of their new club, "LHM's Seed of Hope," has an urgent practical concern, and not just a vision, in view.

LHM—Cameroon's Director of Audience Relations Ania Souman explains, "Lutheran Hour Ministries volunteers, in partnership with our Audience Relations department, have been sharing Gospel words of hope with some Muslim students—and then following up with them. The result? Several were brought to faith in Jesus Christ as their true Lord and Savior!

"But the faith that the Spirit has awakened in them has not been without its consequences," Ania adds. "These new believers have encountered challenges ranging from rejection by their families to academic problems to threats of violence.

"One student's family has ousted her from their home, and she is now living with one of her new sisters in faith" says Ania. "None of them can attend Sunday church services—the threat of physical violence from parents, relatives and former friends is too real and too great. For now they continue to gather for Bible studies led by our volunteers.

"We have counseled them to band together and form a club—a cooperative—through which they can depend on each other for daily necessities," Ania says. "They can use the club to help generate income, which will help bring some stability to their day-to-day living; they have begun by setting up a project to sell cereals.

"Oh—but the members of 'LHM's Seed of Hope' club have a visionary purpose as well," Ania says. "They plan to use their society to share the saving Gospel with other young Muslims."

Please include the young Christ-followers of LHM's Seed of Hope club in your prayers! To learn more about the Gospel outreach of Lutheran Hour Ministries—Cameroon, visit

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