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Lutheran Hour Ministries' 2016 Lenten Devotion series, Love's Greatest Sacrifice, wrapped up Easter weekend. But these daily meditations had a profound impact on the many individuals who downloaded the booklet, received the devotions via e-mail, or listened to the audio. Here are just some of the comments that Lutheran Hour Ministries received in response to this year's Lenten Devotion series, as well as LHM's 2015 Advent Devotions.

"I would like to send a most positive, as in all 10's, on Pastor Palmer's Lenten devotionals. I have been a long-time email subscriber, and think that this year's was one of the best. I have never seen such heart and mind hitting of single verses that fully explore the Gospel. Thank you so much."

"Your writing causes the reader to visualize the scene! I used some of the devotions in my Sunday school classes to help the kids understand the gravity of the moment."

"Thank you for the excellent series of devotions this year. Each day gave me something new to think and pray about. Very meaningful."

"I have appreciated the Lenten Devotions this year written by Reverend Wayne Palmer. Each one is excellent—written to teach and share, offer new insights (to me), and bring the love of Jesus into our hearts!"

"I would like to thank you for the Advent devotions. It is like God is speaking directly to my family. Our daughter and son-in-law are trying desperately to get pregnant and have been unsuccessful. The lessons continue to remind me that all things happen in God's time, He is in control and He knows what is best for each of us. Thank you again for these devotions."

"The parallel between the Passover Lamb's blood and Jesus' shed blood on the cross is one of the most powerful and meaningful comparisons in the holiest of seasons. Wayne Palmer explains it clearly and inspiringly. That comparison shows how truly Jesus is the Lamb of God."

"Thank you for these wonderful devotions. These help me see how deep the Lord's love is for us. Maybe I've matured more over the years, or something, but these devotions cut me to the core, in a good way. I love my Lord so much. Thank you for bringing Him to me each day."

Lent may be over, but that doesn't mean that your Daily Devotions have to stop. Lutheran Hour Ministries has returned to its regular schedule for Daily Devotions, which has changed somewhat in recent months. Monday devotions are now written by Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, and touch on the theme of the preceding Sunday's sermon featured on the radio broadcast. Changing too is the day for Lutheran Hour Ministries' international devotion, which is now Sunday.

And the rest of the week? Well, that's business as usual. Listen in as Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus for The Lutheran Hour, shares the Good News of God's love for us with his distinctive style and flair for language.

To sign up and receive the Daily Devotions as an e-mail, visit our e-mail sign-up page and click "Daily Devotions". For those who like to listen to their devotions, they can be enjoyed online as a podcast. They can also be accessed on iPhone or Android devices through LHM's Daily Devotion app, which you can find by clicking here.

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