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On Sunday, March 13, friends, partners, and supporters gathered in Asunción, Paraguay to celebrate the dedication of the new ministry facility of LHM's Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones (CPTLN)—Paraguay outreach center.

After months of anticipation, the ministry broke ground on the building project last June. CPTLN—Paraguay Director Victor Verruck said at the groundbreaking ceremony that the ministry was looking forward eagerly to having its own place. With the cutting of a ribbon on March 13, Victor's dream officially became a reality.

"What a day!" said Dr. Douglas Rutt, Director of International Ministries for LHM. "A beautiful worship service with our brothers and sisters of Paraguay and then the dedication of our new Lutheran Hour Ministries ministry center!" Rutt, who attended the festivities together with LHM President and CEO Kurt Buchholz and Latin America Regional Director Rev. Dr. Nilo Figur, was a guest speaker for the worship service that kicked off the celebration.

The new facility is equipped with administrative offices, a multipurpose room, an auditorium, a kitchen, and a recording studio. This will provide the capacity to hold a variety of ministry activities, including workshops, conferences, training activities, and receptions.

Having a new headquarters is not likely to keep LHM—Paraguay's staff and volunteers from their busy "outbound" schedule. They build relationships and share the love of Christ the old-fashioned way—hands-on—which means they will continue to travel to the country's other cities and remote villages to respond to need, present film shows and vacation Bible schools and values education, and provide microbusiness vocational training—along with the message of eternal hope in Jesus.

To learn more about the Gospel outreach of Lutheran Hour Ministries in Paraguay, visit the center's Facebook page,

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