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When it comes to workshops that work, MISSION U delivers. Participant interaction, story-sharing, hearing how others have grown in their faith, and gaining confidence in talking to people about God are all powerful takeaways attendees receive from their MISSION U training.

Bringing MISSION U to locations around the U.S. are more than 30 expert presenters, who come from professional backgrounds in church work, education, missions, counseling, business, communications, and more. These individuals travel extensively, leading participants to explore one of MISSION U's five course selections:
• MU-101 - Equipping to Share: Everyday Evangelism
• MU-102 - Equipping to Share: Stories and Styles
• MU-201 - Equipping to Share: Tough Questions
• MU-202/301 - Equipping to Share: A Culture of Outreach
• MU-203 - Equipping to Share: Social Media

Thanks to a limited time offer, congregations in the United States can host MISSION U for only $600 per course when they register and pay by April 30 (the cost is $850 in Canada). The price increases to $750 per course as of May 1.

Get ready to energize HIS disciples and equip and engage others to spread HIS Word by signing up for a MISSION U course today! To register, visit or contact CC Brown at 314-317-4217.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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