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The fourth annual Men's NetWork WORK DAY is coming Saturday, April 30. Around the country, men will be doing jobs of various shapes and sizes. These include fix-'em-up projects, painting, construction, cleaning and spruce-up jobs, landscaping, working with food pantries and community service locations, and the like. As in previous years, the objective is to take your men's group's muscle power and turn it into service off your church campus.

The rationale for getting off campus is a simple one: outreach. Whether your project is to help an unchurched individual or family or do some lawn care at the local senior center, going off site is where the action is. It's that larger world beyond the perimeter of the church that's in need of our service. And if it's unchurched folks you serve, who knows? Your efforts may help them see the church—and the God you worship—in a fresh, new way!

Here's a short list of why working beyond your church campus makes sense:

1) It's a proactive step your group can do to branch out and make some community connections.
2) It brings a bit of local "fame" and recognition to your group (i.e. it's a "drawing card" to other men—both inside and outside your congregation).
3) It'll earn kudos for your group, and who doesn't like to be thanked for what they do? ("Wow! I can't believe you're doing this for us!" "That's right, and we'll do it again. Just let us know how we can help.")
4) Your off-site work will likely uncover other needs in your community that your group can handle.
5) It's kind of what the Gospel is all about, isn't it—in other words, taking it to the streets? This approach gets us out of our comfortable, familiar church zones and serving those in the world.

A good place to start is to ask, "Who can use our help?" Does a family need some essential home repairs but can't pay for them? Is there a disabled person who requires a handicap ramp? How about a paint job for the women at the domestic abuse home? Is there an animal shelter that could use your efforts? Is there a veteran center you can help? There are jobs pretty much everywhere your group can do, but it may take a phone call or an on-site visit to see what's best for your group's skills and manpower.

Another way the WORK DAY succeeds is when you invite a buddy or relative along to help. This is an excellent way to get guys involved on a practical level, showing them that church is a whole lot more than sermons and Sunday school.

So be sure to mark your calendars. The Men's NetWork WORK DAY this year is Saturday, April 30. Now is the time to visit with the guys in your group to see what project interests them. The assistance your group offers can make a huge difference in the lives of the people you help—people who not only appreciate your efforts but are drawn to know more about the God you serve.

Registration is easy. It's done by one person from the group, with each member included in the group receiving a Men's NetWork cap to wear the day of the event. You can find all the details at

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