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Lutheran Hour Ministries' Project Connect booklet ministry has served as an indispensable on-site resource for congregations to promote outreach. Each of the more than 60 booklets available is written from a Christian perspective and addresses one of a variety of topics, from forgiveness and the after-life to depression and anger management. We hope that this booklet ministry has served as a valuable resource in helping you offer Christian messages of love and hope to people in your congregation and/or community who may be struggling.

As one of our valued Lutheran Hour Ministries supporters, we are hoping you will take just a minute or two to complete our short survey to share how you use this invaluable resource. If you aren't familiar with Project Connect or haven't used its materials we would like to hear that as well. Your responses will help us make Project Connect an even more useful resource in the future.

Click here to complete the survey, or visit the website to learn more about Project Connect.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and for your support of Lutheran Hour Ministries and the Project Connect booklet ministry.

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