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Want a great resource for both personal devotion and outreach this holiday season? Fear Not!, this year's Advent Devotions series from Lutheran Hour Ministries, is available now to print in booklet form for your friends and neighbors and your congregation's members and visitors.

Written by LHM's Theological Editor and Writer Wayne Palmer, Fear Not! is a perfect fit for a season during which many people wrestle with stress and uncertainty. The daily meditations remind us that God is the One fully in charge, reigning beyond our circumstances, granting us the daily grace to trust in Him.

You can also subscribe today to receive these seasonal devotions daily via email. These e-mails will replace the normal Daily Devotions written by Rev. Ken Klaus during the Advent season. You can also read them online or listen to an audio version when Advent begins later this week.

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For those interested in LHM's Spanish Advent offering, En la tierra paz (Peace on Earth) by the Rev. Dr. Sergio Schelske begins Sunday, November 29, and runs through Epiphany. A printable version can be found at

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