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Fidéle Raboana was concerned. Mr. Fidéle had served as the catechist of Miantso Lutheran Church, a congregation of the Malagasy Lutheran Church, since its founding in 2005. In the beginning there had been 10 Christians; now, ten years later, the congregation had seen little growth, if any. Catechist Fidéle believed this might be because no one had been encouraged to share with those outside the church that Jesus was their Savior. To Fidéle, evangelization had become his congregation's greatest need.

In March, Lutheran Hour Ministries—Madagascar held an Equipping the Saints workshop at the Ambohibao Lutheran Revival Center in Madagascar's capital, Antananarivo. Leaders from five congregations, including Fidéle and eight others from the Miantso congregation, came together to learn new approaches in evangelism. It was a turning point for their church.

"After the workshop, we made outreaches every 15 days in different neighborhoods," says Fidéle. "As a result, currently, the number of Christians in our congregation is about 70! We have more catechumens and more people coming for baptism as well. I am full of joy because the Lord has manifested His glory."

Fidéle earnestly requests prayers for Miantso Lutheran Church. "Pray especially that these Christians will grow in faith and be ready to serve God in response to His love!" he writes.

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