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Here is something you don't see all that often: a guitar player, a sax player and a couple of vocalists in hospital garb, singing hymns in a medical facility. Volunteers from Lutheran Hour Ministries—Panama and Dios es Grande (God is Great) Lutheran Church in Panama City teamed up this month to brighten the day for patients at the Hemodialysis Unit in the city of San Miguelito.

According to LHM—Panama Director Edilberto Mendez, the team shared Bible passages, hymns, psalms, and readings from a devotional book titled A Light of Hope. The message: praise the name of God, know that He is present in all circumstances, and trust Him to take control of your life.

"Every day is a gift from God for the patients at this unit," Edilberto explains. "Sometimes the pain and weakness caused by their treatments can lead them to worry and even despair. Often their families end up suffering, too, and feeling helpless as they watch their loved ones struggle.

"One of the ladies at the unit thanked us for the comfort she received through the music and the messages," Edilberto adds. She also asked for a Bible, which the team was happy to provide.

"Opportunities like this to share the Gospel and pray with people who are in physical and spiritual need fill us with great joy," says Edilberto. "We thank God that we're able to reach out in this way."

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