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When Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church, he changed the face of Christianity forever. Lutheran Hour Ministries invites you to celebrate the life and influence of Martin Luther against the backdrop of a unique European cultural landscape by joining us on a trip to the Land of Luther, April 24-May 3, 2016. This pilgrimage promises to nurture a deeper understanding of and appreciation for our religious heritage by reliving the watershed events of the Protestant Reformation—where they happened. Our most recent trip to Germany sold out, so we expect this tour to fill up fast!

This trip will be a great way to take part in the celebration of the Luther Decade that includes many festivities leading up to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. Led by hosts Rev. Gregory Seltz, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, and Kurt Buchholz, President & CEO of Lutheran Hour Ministries, you will trace Luther's footsteps through the cities of Wittenberg, Erfurt, Eisenach, and Eisleben while also witnessing the live recording of a sermon for The Lutheran Hour with historic scenery as the backdrop. You will also experience the bustling metropolises of Berlin and Prague.

In partnership with respected professional tour operators, Lutheran Hour Ministries hosts faith-based tours such as this to offer cost-effective travel packages to some of the world's most fascinating places. By visiting these historic sites and hearing expert commentary from ministry leaders, you will gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for God's Word, as well as a better familiarity with the ways that the Holy Spirit is working today through Lutheran Hour Ministries.

You can learn more about this trip, including costs, itinerary and how to register, by visiting

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