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Beginning May 3, The Lutheran Hour radio program will include a weekly segment that offers insights into the broader Gospel impact of Lutheran Hour Ministries around the world. Titled "Action in Ministry," the new segment will feature interviews with ministry workers who will bring into focus the wide variety of ministry strategies, challenges and successes happening in LHM's work on six continents.

"This is an opportunity for us to connect with our listeners in a new way," says Jim Arand, Program Director—Media for Lutheran Hour Ministries. "Action in Ministry is designed to highlight the activity in which Christians, as the 'visible' church, witness to their world by genuinely laboring for each other. Furthermore, it will also allow us to get additional resources into the hands of our listeners seeking more information as it pertains to the segment topic."

For each Action in Ministry segment, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour Rev. Gregory Seltz and Announcer Mark Eischer will interview a different person who is involved in—or who has been touched by—Lutheran Hour Ministries' work. Topics will include LHM's use of emerging technologies to advance the Gospel, updated resources, innovative ministry strategies in North American and international outreach efforts, and much more.

"One of our first Action in Ministry segments will focus on how LHM's new ministry center in Mongolia is dealing with local opposition," says Arand. "Our Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia, Rev. Peter Kirby, will talk about a dangerous situation that developed when some village leaders felt that the center's Christian outreach activities were a threat to their Islam-based cultural traditions."

Although each interview will be edited to run for approximately three minutes, LHM will provide an extended version online for listeners who want to hear more.

Exciting enhancements are also in the works for future broadcast segments. An upcoming feature will include video of the interviews so that with just a click of a link on our website, interested listeners will be able to watch each interview in its entirety.

Be sure to tune in and learn through this new feature. And be sure to visit to stay up-to-date about The Lutheran Hour program!

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