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We all have a backstory.

The Journey from Unbelief to Faith, a new Bible study of Lutheran Hour Ministries through the Men's NetWork, shows God at work in the lives of four ordinary people—each one with a unique personal history. Regardless of their pasts, regardless of spoken or unspoken antipathies toward God, He called them—as He calls us. And like the shepherd seeking his wayward sheep in Jesus' parable, He searches for us—calling, ever calling, waiting for us to heed His voice.

Thankfully, our God is a God of patience. In The Journey from Unbelief to Faith, you will see how God's work is one of earnest persistence, tailor-made for each of the individuals in this Bible study. Despite an unhappy childhood, deep-seated pride, outright antagonism, or anti-God arguments, God can—and did—dismantle the barriers these people had in place and, in the process, transformed them into new creations through the power of His Holy Spirit.

Such was God's work in the life of a disillusioned mother, an Orthodox Jew, a licensed astrologer, and a self-proclaimed atheist. Each individual, in his or her own circumstances, encountered a God whose love wouldn't quit. Along the way, each met others who shared their faith, took time to answer questions, listened to their heated objections, and showed the love of Christ in big and small ways—ways that led to their acknowledgment of God, their sin, and their need for a Savior.

The Journey from Unbelief to Faith—it may be a road you've traveled before.

It may be the road you're on right now.

Hosted with opening comments by Rev. Dr. John Nunes of Valparaiso University, this four-session Bible study shows once again that God does indeed work in mysterious ways. Viewers will see in the lives of Pat, Eddie, Marcia and Tyler how these four people, formerly alienated and at odds with God, are today, through the power of His Holy Spirit, dedicated to following a Savior they now devotedly embrace. Their journeys are living testaments to the Holy Spirit's persistent work in their lives, transforming their alienation into acceptance—and belief.

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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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