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This is the season of the year when Lutheran Hour Ministries is most active in sending volunteer teams around the world to work alongside the staff of our international ministry centers. Volunteers help with construction projects, vacation Bible schools and a variety of other ministries. This summer, teams have already enjoyed the blessings of working together in countries in four regions: Malawi (Africa), Cambodia (Asia), Russia (Europe) and Guatemala and Panama (Latin America); still other teams are preparing to embark on mission adventures beyond our borders.

As common as it is for U.S. volunteers to travel to help do ministry with LHM centers in exotic locations, it's almost unheard-of for the staff of an LHM international ministry center to come help a church in the United States with an outreach activity.

Almost unheard-of—because that's exactly what four members of the Lutheran Hour Ministries—Thailand staff did this month.

Brookfield Lutheran Church in Brookfield, Wis. has sent two volunteer teams to Thailand to work with Director Boom Denow and her staff in presenting English-language workshops; another team is scheduled to visit in October. When Brookfield's VBS leaders got together to begin planning the church's VBS for this summer, they chose a curriculum titled "Thailand Trek"—which aligned perfectly with the congregation's LHM international partnership. And, well, what could be better than having their friends from LHM—Thailand on hand to help put on this great program?

Brookfield made the travel arrangements, and Boom and her staff stayed with Brookfield members who had served on recent volunteer teams. And everybody had a blast. "Each day had a different theme," says Boom. "The LHMT team did our presentations four times each day. During each presentation, we emphasized Thai culture and how we share the Gospel in Thailand." The Thailand team's presentations included videos, Thai songs, and examples of the kinds of things they do when they conduct outreach to children in Thailand. The team also participated in the community picnic at the conclusion of Brookfield's VBS, where they taught kids fun Thai activities like walking on coconut shells and an exciting sport called Takraw.

After their visit to Wisconsin, the LHM—Thailand team stopped in at Lutheran Hour Ministries in St. Louis to offer headquarters staff an update on the ways God is using their ministry center to connect people to the Gospel. They closed their presentation by performing a moving Thai song based on Psalm 1.

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