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There is famine in the Far North region of the West African nation of Cameroon, which borders Nigeria, Chad and four other countries. Following incursions by forces of the Nigeria-based Islamic extremist group Boko Haram, many Cameroonian farmers abandoned their fields, markets closed, some 500,000 people were displaced, and the normal circulation of goods was disrupted.

In December 2014, Lutheran Hour Ministries—Cameroon Director Rev. Samuel Frouisou visited the Far North region to help deliver an initial shipment of relief supplies provided by LHM partner organization Orphan Grain Train. In April, Rev. Samuel returned with a team of Equipping The Saints (ETS)-trained volunteers to visit camps in the region's Mayo-Tsanaga Division and determine how LHM—Cameroon could best respond to refugees' physical and spiritual needs.

"The number of refugees and displaced people in the Mayo-Tsanaga camps totals nearly 27,000," says Samuel—all of whom need food, water, clothes, shoes, shelter, medicines, hygiene supplies and more. Those who farm are desperately hoping also to receive seed so they can plant and grow crops." Acknowledging that they may be displaced for some time, the camp residents also have asked for educational supplies.

"Based on a report from the national Government of Cameroon," says Samuel, "building schools and equipping them will be very costly. Aid from our partners in the form of stationery, pens, reading books and so on would be most welcome."

In June, a joint military force from five nations and led by Nigeria has succeeded in recapturing Cameroonian territory that had been seized by Boko Haram. Although the danger of insurgent activity persists, there is growing hope that the region could become stable again in the near future. In the interim, tens of thousands of displaced Cameroonians will struggle to make it from day to day.

Please pray for survivors of violence and persecution at the hands of extremists in West Africa; pray also for the work of Lutheran Hour Ministries—Cameroon, and stay tuned to learn how this ministry center is responding to the needs of suffering people and sharing the Gospel's message of hope with them. To find out more about LHM—Cameroon, visit

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