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Now whether you're on your lunch break, at the airport, or by the ocean, you can access even more of the great Bible studies produced by LHM's Men's NetWork.

Take a minute now to download the free Men's NetWork Bible study app from Lutheran Hour Ministries! When you do you will have immediate access on your mobile device to 11 original Bible studies with streaming video, study guides, downloads, and more—this new app puts a host of Christ-centered tools at your fingertips. More studies will be added in the near future.

To use this application an Internet connection is required to view/download content and stream videos. For more information on the Men's NetWork, please visit

Check out the LHM Events App Too!
The LHM Events app has also been updated to provide information about upcoming Regional Outreach Conferences in Seattle this September and Orlando this November. The app provides a useful guide for attendees at events such as the ROCs that are hosted by Lutheran Hour Ministries. The guide for each event contains information about the conference schedule, exhibitors, maps, speakers, as well as real-time notifications and alerts.

To learn more about LHM's Regional Outreach Conferences, visit To find out about all of the apps available from LHM, visit

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