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Simple rhymes, wonderful artwork, and thoughtful verses about Jesus—all combine to make Do You Know Who Jesus Is? a perfect instructional booklet for kids. Written by Suzie Sallee, coordinator for witness tools at Lutheran Hour Ministries, along with Rev. Wayne Palmer, theological editor and writer, this booklet will give kids something to read and savor for years.

In memorable, easy-to-read sentences set in four-line verses that tell about the life of the Savior, Do You Know Who Jesus Is? is another pocket-sized volume kids will refer back to over and over as they learn about their Savior. Accompanying the text, the beautiful and creative illustrations of Masaru Horie bring the words to life. Captivating images from Jesus' early life and public ministry, His triumphant Jerusalem entry, Gethsemane prayers, crucifixion, and more tell the story of God's Son who was sent to save us and whom the Father raised from the dead.

Do You Know Who Jesus Is? begins by asking readers these questions:

"Do you know who Jesus is?
Have you heard His Name?
Do you know His Father,
Or the reason why He came?"

It then reminds children how they already celebrate His life on December 25th:

"Every year at Christmas time,
We celebrate His birth.
This Jesus is God's ONLY Son,
Who made the heavens and earth."

Detailing Jesus' mission and ministry, the authors highlight significant events in Jesus' life, which are then animated by Horie's creative artwork.

"Jesus rode a donkey,
Up to Jerusalem.
Children waving palm branches,
'Hosanna! He has come!'"


"They took Him to a man named Pilate,
The leader in that place.
They shouted, 'Crucify Him!'
Right up to Pilate's face."


"Jesus took away God's anger,
'It is finished!' Jesus cried.
Saving you and me, and all,
He breathed His last—and died."


"When three days passed an angel came,
And rolled that stone away.
He told the women who had come,
'He's risen on this day!'"

Throughout this booklet Horie's unique illustrations amplify the text and animate the content. His ongoing involvement as booklet illustrator is something Sallee sees as typical of the way God works. After searching online for suitable artists for her first mini-book, The Easter Story, she came across Horie.

"I contacted Masaru directly to inquire about drawing exclusively for the first children's booklet I had written. God has had His hand in this, as Masura was overwhelmed with joy to draw for us. After completing the first booklet it was clear he would be the perfect illustrator to continue working with us on future booklets. This was evident not only in his incredible skill, but in his heart to serve the Lord with his God-given talent."

A graphic designer since 1999, Tokyo-born Horie now lives in Canada. He reciprocates his gratitude for inclusion on these LHM projects. "I am extremely honored and thankful for this chance to serve my Lord. It's such a fun job to think of drawings, along with these great rhyming stories. I am taking this as a grace from the Lord. I've prayed and asked Him to give me a job that glorifies Him. In fact, drawing a story book was one of my dreams. So He has fulfilled my prayer and dream all at once."

Do You Know Who Jesus Is? is being released with a great two-for-one offer: for $7 plus shipping and handling ($4.95), you can get 25 booklets plus another 25 free. That's 50 booklets for the price of 25. To order your copies, go to and enter the special code MUJesus15.

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