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"I came to know Christ through your ministry two years ago," wrote Akilah* in a letter to Lutheran Hour Ministries—Lebanon (known locally as Middle East Lutheran Ministry, or MELM). "I used to listen to your radio programs, and they were an encouragement to me," she said. "Your words illuminated my mind to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Akilah is an Iraqi—a former Muslim who was led to faith in Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit. When her community was captured by an Islamic State (ISIS) group several months ago, she and her family were forced to flee to a refugee camp in Turkey.

"During that time, we lived in difficult circumstances and it weakened me spiritually," she wrote. "I felt so down and desperate and disconnected from God." And the challenges Akilah faced weren't over. Instead of staying in the camp in neighboring Turkey, her family relocated to a refugee community half a world away, in Australia.

"I'm so in need now of your help to revive my relationship with God!" she wrote. "Please send me Christian books, the Bible, and any publication in Arabic that would bring me closer to Jesus."

"MELM took care of Akilah," says Middle East Lutheran Ministry Director Fadi Khairallah. "We supported her with everything she needs to calm her worries, heal her wounds, and help her grow in her faith. In addition to reading selected spiritual materials we sent her, she has started working her way through a new Bible Correspondence Course. Day by day she is growing stronger in her relationship with Jesus!"

Please join Lutheran Hour Ministries in praying for everyone seeking refuge from violence and persecution in the Middle East. Pray, too, for the work of Lutheran Hour Ministries—Lebanon as the ministry center shares the Gospel and the love of God with refugees close to home ... or wherever they have sought safe haven. More information about LHM—Lebanon can be found at

"If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast."
Psalm 139:9-10

* "Akilah" is a pseudonym used to conceal her true identity.

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