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For a number of years Pablo Lavia served as supervisor of Lutheran Schools for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina (IELA); then he went on to supervise institutions of higher education for IELA. Recently, Pablo shared his testimony with Lutheran Hour Ministries—Argentina Director Gloria Tolisano.

"Pablo told us that speaking about Christ in Lutheran primary and secondary schools had been easy," said Tolisano. "But when he began work with faculties and students at the university level, he met individuals who questioned his religious beliefs, and this caused him to give serious thought to ways he could talk about his faith to the future teachers and professionals with whom he would come in contact."

Pablo determined simply to share his faith openly and explicitly.

"How did I do this?" he says. "I gave them Lutheran Hour Ministries materials as gifts!"

What have been the results of this personal outreach?

"The seed is sown," Pablo says. "I'm praying for the people—about thirty—who have accepted the materials I've given them—and I'm paying attention to them. So with an "impatient" patience, I'm now just waiting on God and entrusting them to His grace."

Pablo knows the harvest belongs to God.

Tolisano adds, "Pablo encourages all teachers and professors—especially those who work in non-Lutheran schools—to be salt and light—and to carry the message of Christ without fear!"

May we all be salt and light, wherever we work. To learn more about the ministry of LHM—Argentina, visit

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