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Lutheran Hour Ministries, along with the rest of the world, was horrified to hear of the attack that was carried out on April 2nd by the al Qaeda-linked extremist group al Shabab at Garissa University College in Kenya. Our hearts break to hear of the Christian students whose lives were ended simply because of their faith.

Lutheran Hour Ministries operates a ministry center in Nairobi, Kenya and is blessed to do God's work throughout the country. The ministry center has held evangelism training workshops in this region and works with volunteers who boldly minister to students in Garissa.

Our staff in Kenya, along with the rest of the country, has been devastated by this attack and the increase in violence that their country has seen from terrorist groups like al Shabab. Many are asking what could inspire this kind of hate.

"They were just children, just attending class
and were slaughtered for being Christian."

- John Maina, Director of Kenya ministry center

In the days and weeks ahead, our prayer is that Lutheran Hour Ministries' staff in Kenya will be able to share the indescribable love of Jesus Christ as opposed to the unspeakable hate that was seen in Garissa.

Please pray for the people of Kenya and that God will guide Lutheran Hour Ministries as we minister in His name.

Your partner in HIS mission,

Kurt Buchholz
Executive Director

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