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Project Connect, Lutheran Hour Ministries' long-running topical booklet ministry, has moved into the audio arena. With a catalog of booklets addressing everything from marriage, time management, and Alzheimer's to breast cancer, miracles, and prodigal children, these texts—penned by professionals in ministry, counseling, and church work—are being recorded so people can now listen online or access them as a downloadable MP3 audio file. At present, more than 20 PC booklets are in audio format.

Project Connect support person Nancy Kellerhals thinks this is a wise move for LHM as a way to maximize its booklet archives. "It's a versatile resource that helps nurture faith. People who ordinarily might not take the time to read these texts can now listen to them. The audio format is perfect for people in hospitals and nursing homes, and the files can be listened to on portable devices like tablets and smartphones. They're great for those who want to multi-task, and they can be enjoyed while driving too," she said.

In addition to the new audio format, Project Connect has for some time translated booklets into Spanish too. There is an increase in the usage of these Spanish texts, and English-speaking congregations are rising to the occasion as they better serve the Hispanic communities in their locales. Booklets addressing topics like forgiveness, depression, angels, guilt, stress, parenting, divorce, life after death, and others are available in Spanish, with additional titles slated for future translation. These texts, as well as all the English booklets, can be downloaded and printed for free as PDF documents.

The outreach potential of Project Connect booklets is closely tied to the ease with which they can be made available to would-be users. With two display options—a standing fixture (24 booklet slots) or a PC Junior (a four-slot table-top model)—churches, businesses, or individuals can offer these titles in virtually any location. Time-tested venues like church narthexes, pastoral care sitting rooms, and fellowship halls are natural placement locations, but a little creative thinking can spark location ideas where the reach of PC booklets can be expanded significantly—and with great possible benefit. For instance, women's and children's shelters, repair shops, state fair booths, doctors' and dentists' offices, bus stations, college campus student centers, food donation sites, public-assistance offices, and prisons are all high-traffic areas where people gather. Savvy business owners may want to enhance their customer service by discreetly placing a PC Junior in their waiting room or in their restrooms.

The new audio availability is one more way Project Connect impacts people where they are in their busy lives. For more information on this vital ministry resource, go to for all the details.

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