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Just before Christmas, Lutheran Hour Ministries—Lebanon loaded food and other supplies into cartons for the center's monthly distribution for displaced Syrians who have settled in the Bekaa Valley.

"Although the Lebanese government has closed the border to more Syrian refugees and taken steps to enforce the closure, more than one and a half million Syrians are now living here," says LHM—Lebanon Director Fadi Khairallah. "In some Bekaa Valley communities, refugees now outnumber the Lebanese residents.

"The refugees' day-to-day situation is precarious," says Fadi. "Without the holistic assistance we are providing, many of these people would have no way to meet their most basic needs."

The December distribution proved to be timely. Beginning January 5, one of the strongest winter storms in a decade dropped ice and more than a foot of snow on Lebanon and drove temperatures as low as 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

"Each family in the camp we visited received enough supplies to stay fed during the storm," says Fadi, "but refugees living in these tented settlements across Lebanon are facing desperate situations. The snow has caused some tents to collapse. Many of the refugees lack fuel for their stoves and waterproofing materials to keep their tents warm and dry. As a result, cases of pneumonia and respiratory problems are expected to increase in these communities."

Lutheran Hour Ministries—Lebanon reaches out to Syrian and Iraqi refugees with food and hygiene supplies, medical and pharmaceutical assistance, and community and children's programs. Your prayers and support help Lutheran Hour Ministries preserve lives and share the Gospel with people who need its message of hope. You can learn more about LHM—Lebanon's vital ministry at

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