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Designed to deliver the essentials of Christian doctrine and practice in a clear and engaging manner, GodConnects succeeds admirably. Hosted by The Lutheran Hour Speaker Rev. Gregory Seltz, these short (eight-to ten minute) video sessions challenge the viewer to thoughtfully consider God and Christianity. Employing Seltz's signature delivery and passion for the Gospel, these finely produced videos offer a concise encapsulation of the Christian faith and how that faith works in the everyday life of believers. The 12 sessions of GodConnects are "Why Jesus?"; "Why the Bible?"; "God's Law"; "Nature of God"; "Who is Jesus Christ?"; "Who is the Holy Spirit?"; "Prayer"; "Baptism"; "Confession and Absolution"; "Communion"; "The End of Time"; and "Christian Life."

Available online at, GodConnects sessions present key biblical concepts in a style well-suited to new believers, but which will also allow long-time Christians to benefit from them, as they review the foundations of their faith. Accompanying these videos are detailed discussion guides that maximize onscreen content for the user. "Things to think about" and "Digging Deeper" links expand the subject matter in profitable ways, while relevant Bible passages beef up the content and add depth to the topic under consideration. Overall, the series will allow viewers to gain a deeper comprehension of God's revelation of Himself, especially the Savior's work on our behalf. As Seltz says in session four, "Nature of God," "God loves us deeply—so much so that when the first people, Adam and Eve, fell into sin, He promised to send His one and only Son Jesus, to make right everything that was ruined by sin."

As a church resource, GodConnects can be used for new-member classes, in adult Bible study groups, along with Catechism instruction, by youth groups, or as a pass-along resource offered to members and visitors. It's also ideal for individual study. Are you wondering how best to get the word of GodConnects out to your fellow church members? No problem. Getting GodConnects up and running in your church is easy when using the program's built-in promo tools. On the website you'll find all the resources to implement a GodConnects class in a congregation or group study environment. For instance, under "Pastor's Resources" there's a preparation guide and checklist to obtain class materials and set up scheduling. Included too are helpful tips for getting the word out and personalizing invitations. A set of PowerPoint slides for each session highlights important ideas and directs attendees' focus to the material presented. As an aid to manage ongoing classes and to help plan future classes, a referral form and Excel spreadsheet are provided.

Under "Promotional Resources" you'll find items like bulletin announcements, a customizable poster and business cards, a PowerPoint slide, and a brief video to show the congregation or other potential attendees. "Save the Date" cards are ideal for distribution to would-be candidates for the sessions. "Additional Leader Resources" provide pre-scripted wording for drafting a brief letter, doing a text invite, or when calling to follow-up on mailings.

At the website, you can download GodConnects materials for free, or you can enjoy the hard-copy portability of owning a two-disc DVD set. Check the menu bar at the top of the page for your options.

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