You said you want MORE? More what?

More money? More time? More friends? More to do? More of a life?

Let me tell you about someone who gave MORE. Jesus. He gave more of himself, more of his time, more of his life, in order that others might have life. In looking at the four books of the Bible that speak of Jesus' time on earth (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), one can find about 132 contacts that Jesus had with people. Six were in the Temple, four in the synagogues, and 122 were out with the people in the mainstream of life. 122 out of 132: pull out your calculator - that's 92% of his contacts that are recorded. 92% were with people in the world. Clearly Jesus' mind was on giving MORE to others.

You may have been given a MORE witnessing card by someone who was inspired to share how much MORE there is in life when you are walking with God. Many would like to have MORE time to spend with families, MORE money, MORE patience, MORE knowledge, MORE self-esteem, MORE, MORE, MORE!

Let me tell you about someone who gave MORE. Jesus. He gave more of himself, more of his time, more of his life, in order that others might have life.

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Jesus gave MORE to:

A man with leprosy (Matthew 8:1) ...

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One of the best ways to show this in the life of Jesus is to look at what happens after the words given above. For the people of the first century, who were accustomed to the Hebrew Scriptures, a story of Jesus meeting a woman at a well would have great interest.

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What about YOUR Journey? Looking for something MORE?
Jesus lived life in the mainstream. This story of her journey is evidence of that.

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Okay, so you've been reading about Jesus on this site, more about his unconditional love, more testimonies from people whose lives have been transformed by him. What are you thinking so far? Is Jesus friend, fool, or just far away? Where are you in your journey of faith?

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This world is not a very comfortable place. It gets too hot for us in the Summer but too cold for us in the Winter. It's uncomfortable when we sit too long, but it's also uncomfortable when we stand too long. It's uncomfortable to be hungry, but it's also uncomfortable when we eat too much.

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Are you missing something? I'm not talking about keys or pets or your library card. Is something missing in your life? Do you find your life fulfilling- or is it missing the mark somehow?

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What a world we live in! Wars rage around the world and new wars are straining to break out all the time. We are bombarded by news of natural disasters like floods, storms, earthquakes and fires. Then there is always sickness, crime and death! Families breaking up- jobs being lost- our world is filled with distress, uncertainty, fear, conflict- where can we find more peace?

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Happiness can be an illusive thing- here one minute, gone the next. You can be having the best day and suddenly watch it crash down around you when the smallest problem arises. There's not much you can do to have more happiness- but more joy? That's a different animal entirely.

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How does your future look to you? Do you see limitless opportunities stretching ahead as far as you can see? Or is your future filled with fearful uncertainty? How can you enjoy more future?

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What an impatient world we live in! We want everything and we want it now! And if it is delayed for any reason…

What makes us so impatient? Are we so used to getting things "on demand" that we never experience waiting anymore- and is it possible to learn patience without ever waiting?

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"Is this all there is?" Sometimes our lives can seem pretty meaningless. Highway workers repair roads knowing they will wear down and need new repairs again in a few years. Doctors cure a patient's cancer only to watch her die from something else. We dust the furniture, vacuum the rugs and mop the floors, knowing they will all get dirty again.

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More Health I once talked with a man who suffered the effects of polio, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and heart disease- all at the same time. He had been in poor health nearly all his life. He told me he didn't want to complain, but he often wondered why God let him be sick all his life when He let others be healthy all of theirs.

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The idea of talking to God in prayer can be very intimidating- what if you don't say the right words in just the right way at the right time and in the right place? What if God refuses to hear my prayer? What if He becomes angry by something I say?

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