For MISSION U courses in the United States, tuition is $750 per course per congregation. For MISSION U courses in Canada, tuition is $850 (U.S. dollars) per course per congregation. This cost is the same for each MISSION U course. Tuition covers all personal and virtual training for all members of your congregation, including course attendance, Web office participation, and Webinar training.

With the exception of MU-202, "The Outreach-minded Church," which emphasizes internal growth of a unique congregation, a hosting congregation may invite neighboring congregations. No additional fee is applied.

A hosting congregation may also co-host a course with a neighboring congregation. Partnering congregations would each pay half of the regular tuition.

The only additional cost a host congregation must consider is that of lunch. A one-hour lunch break is scheduled into each Saturday course. Food choice, cost, preparation, and service are the responsibility of the host. The host may charge registration to offset its costs for tuition or lunch. No more than $20 per student is suggested.

You may pay your tuition by calling Lutheran Hour Ministries at (800) 944-3450 x4144.