MISSION U to Expand Curriculum into Online Outreach Lessons

Coming this summer Lutheran Hour Ministries will be taking its popular MISSION U curriculum of courses to a new level. MISSION U’s workshop-based instruction will transition its content into a Learning Management System (LMS)—otherwise known as an e-learning format.

According to Rev. Dr. Tony Cook, director for United States Ministries, “In order to reach more people with the content of our workshops as well as new content designed to help you share the Gospel with family and friends in your daily life, we are launching an online learning community in which we’ll be offering five courses a year—three of which will be specifically targeted at sharing your faith in your daily life.

The evolution of MISSION U’s future course lineup will be significant below are the following changes:

  • Fresh courses added each year. At present MISSION U’s existing courses are under review and content is being sifted and consolidated to tighten the material, tweaking where necessary. Additionally, new courses are in the works for the summer rollout.
  • Rather than attend a MISSION U workshop, all course material will be online. Cook sees the new structure and format as posing no problems to users—regardless of their familiarity with the Internet. “I don’t think that’s an issue. I think most people are familiar with turning to the Internet for information. And the technology we’re using is extremely user-friendly and has ease of accessibility.”

That being said, the plusses of group learning familiar to those who have participated in MISSION U will still be available. “We’re including a facilitator discussion sheet so if you want to study in a group the facilitator has questions to ask. So, while the teaching’s done through the LMS to the individual, a group can decide to come together with a person as a facilitator. Then, using the discussion sheet as a guide, they can talk through what they’ve learned and their responses to the questions and interactions as a group.

“So you can have your own learning community within your congregation, a group of people, or you can simply do it as an individual. But we wanted to have both levels of interaction since a lot of education in the congregation is done in small groups. In fact, the research we looked at from the Barna Group and elsewhere demonstrated that discipleship, education, spiritual formation—out of all the different venues it could be done—it appears to be most effective when done in small groups. And while individuals and large groups can supplement that, it’s the small group interaction that seems to be most effective,” Cook said.

Lutheran Hour Ministries is confident this development of MISSION U will prove highly beneficial to those using the program to empower their individual witness.

More information to come soon!