Special Speaker Series

The Special Speaker Series is a series of monthly Webinars featuring an expert speaker in a particular area of evangelism or outreach. He or she will provide in-depth training on sharing the Gospel within a certain cultural or social context or to a specific group.

This live, interactive training webinar provides viewers with ample time to ask specific questions of the special speaker. It is available to both MISSION U students and to visitors at no cost.

Each webinar occurs one Saturday each month year-round. Please join us here Saturdays monthly from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. CDT to access future Webinars.

Special Speaker Series seminars:

4/29/2017 :: 10am CST
Bee In Your Community
Speaker: Pastor Bill Wilson

Community service, environmental stewardship, and Christian outreach all in one hive? That’s what Pastor Bill Wilson has done with his passion for bees. He has turned his hobby of beekeeping into a venue that builds relationships within his community and welcomes others into his congregation. This unique ministry has met a need in his neighborhood. What needs are present in your community? Even if bees aren’t for you, this ministry is an example worth looking into. Join us at 10am on Saturday, April 29th for a live one-hour webinar: Bee In Your Community

Click here to Join the Webinar at 10:00 a.m. CDT on 4/29/2017


March 2017: Caring for Mothers in Crisis Thrive St Louis

February 2017: Making a Difference through Public Charter Schools Matt Hoehner

January 2017: Loved and Sent Rev. Jeff Cloeter

November 2016: A Lutheran Response to Islam Dr Alvin Schmidt

October 2016: Loaded Words Heather Davis and Leann Luchinger

September 2016: Reaching Out with Social Media TBD

August 2016: Nurturing Your Spiritual Life: A Conversation with the Psalms Dr. Tim Saleska

June 2016: Outreach in Rural Areas and Small Towns Pastor Todd Kollbaum

May 2016: The Global Impact of International Student Ministry Sharon Riordan

April 2016: Caring in the Midst of Cancer Karen Tripp

March 2016: Outreach and Environmentalism Dr Charles Arand

February 2016: Athletics as Outreach Mr. Travis Besel

January 2016: Equipping the Parents of Prodigal Young Adults Paula Isakson

November 2015: Sharing the love of Jesus with Jewish friends Rev. Kevin Parviz

October 2015: Refugees in America: An Outreach Opportunity Rev. Stanish Stanley

September 2015: Partnering with other Congregations for Outreach Pastor Tom Schlund

August 2015: What is a Family Friendly Congregation? Rebecca Duport

July 2015: What is a Director of Christian Outreach? Faith Rattei, DCO

June 2015: Community Outreach through the Care of Creation Dr Charles Arand

May 2015: A New Approach To Building Bridges In Your Community Sanya Parson

April 2015: Outreach and Human Care: Comfort Dog Ministry Laura Thompson

March 2015: Islam and the Love of Christ Cynthia Khan

February 2015: Conversation or Confrontation? Pastor Billy Newell

January 2015: Ministry that Equips Women for Leadership Darcy Paape

November 2014: Sharing the Love of Christ with Mormons Art Vanick

October 2014: Ask! Praying as We Witness Dr. Jane L. Fryar

September 2014: Making a Difference In Your Community Rev Roosevelt Gray Jr.

August 2014: Responding and Witnessing Effectively to Jehovah’s Witnesses Kay Meyer

July 2014: The Dark Side of Emerging Adulthood Dr. Patrisha Herzog and Pastor Jeff Cloeter

June 2014: Serving As Christ In Your Community Greg Arnett DCE

May 2014: Going Beyond the 3 R's in Lutheran Schools Laura Montgomery

March 2014: The ABC's of Defending Your Faith Brad Alles

February 2014: Understanding Islam and Extending the Love of Christ Cynthia Kahn

January 2014: Outreach and Discipleship Culture in Youth Ministry Micah Steiner, DCE, MS

November 2013: Language Matters; Communicating Our Faith In Today's Culture Rev. Andrew Schermbeck

October 2013: Mighty Warriors Micah Parker

September 2013: Developing a Multi-Ethnic Ministry Rev Ron Rall

June 2013: Spiritual Prep for the College-Bound Christian Professor Joel Biermann

April 2013: MU-102 Snapshot: "Seven Styles of Faith-sharing" MISSION U Director Sarah Guldalian

March 2013: What to Say to a World that Buried God Pr. Joel Biermann,Lutheran Church of Webster Gard.

February 2013: PRAYER: THE FOUNDATION FOR MISSION Rev. Dave Haberer, Church For All Nations

November 2012: Enhance School Mission Efforts Polly Faszholz Gregali

October 2012: Developing a Missionally Minded Sunday School Dr. Jeffrey E. Burkart, Concordia U - St. Paul, MN

August 2012: Messianic Outreach to Jews Reverend Jim Weist

April 2012: God can’t use me now … can He? Dr. Micah Parker

March 2012: Building the Church by Building the Kingdom Reverend David Haberer, Church For All Nations

February 2012: Rural and Small Town Community Outreach Strategies Rev. Dr. Lee Hagan, Rural & Small Town Mission

December 2011: A Mission Trip to Our Own Neighborhood Greg Finke, Dwelling 1:14

November 2011: Church as the Community Center Reverend David Haberer, Church For All Nations

October 2011: Mighty Warriors: Seeking & Saving the Lost Dr. Micah Parker

August 2011: Connecting with Young Adults Jessica Bordeleau

June 2011: Activating Men for Spiritual Leadership Rich Cohrs: District & Congregat'l Relations, LHM

May 2011: Christianity is Life! Reclaiming Vocation Professor Rev. Tony Cook

April 2011: Generously Sowing Seeds of Hope Tina Jasion, DCO, Southeastern District

March 2011: Bridging the Gap with the Entertainment Industry Sarah Guldalian with Guest Jordan Reinwald