Special Speaker Series

The Special Speaker Series is a series of monthly Webinars featuring an expert speaker in a particular area of evangelism or outreach. He or she will provide in-depth training on sharing the Gospel within a certain cultural or social context or to a specific group.

This live, interactive training webinar provides viewers with ample time to ask specific questions of the special speaker. It is available to both MISSION U students and to visitors at no cost.

Each webinar occurs one Saturday each month year-round. Please join us here Saturdays monthly from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. CDT to access future Webinars.

Special Speaker Series seminars:


April 2017: Bee In Your Community Pastor Bill Wilson

March 2017: Caring for Mothers in Crisis Thrive St Louis

February 2017: Making a Difference through Public Charter Schools Matt Hoehner

January 2017: Loved and Sent Rev. Jeff Cloeter

November 2016: A Lutheran Response to Islam Dr Alvin Schmidt

October 2016: Loaded Words Heather Davis and Leann Luchinger

September 2016: Reaching Out with Social Media TBD

August 2016: Nurturing Your Spiritual Life: A Conversation with the Psalms Dr. Tim Saleska

June 2016: Outreach in Rural Areas and Small Towns Pastor Todd Kollbaum

May 2016: The Global Impact of International Student Ministry Sharon Riordan

April 2016: Caring in the Midst of Cancer Karen Tripp

March 2016: Outreach and Environmentalism Dr Charles Arand

February 2016: Athletics as Outreach Mr. Travis Besel

January 2016: Equipping the Parents of Prodigal Young Adults Paula Isakson

November 2015: Sharing the love of Jesus with Jewish friends Rev. Kevin Parviz

October 2015: Refugees in America: An Outreach Opportunity Rev. Stanish Stanley

September 2015: Partnering with other Congregations for Outreach Pastor Tom Schlund

August 2015: What is a Family Friendly Congregation? Rebecca Duport

July 2015: What is a Director of Christian Outreach? Faith Rattei, DCO

June 2015: Community Outreach through the Care of Creation Dr Charles Arand

May 2015: A New Approach To Building Bridges In Your Community Sanya Parson

April 2015: Outreach and Human Care: Comfort Dog Ministry Laura Thompson

March 2015: Islam and the Love of Christ Cynthia Khan

February 2015: Conversation or Confrontation? Pastor Billy Newell

January 2015: Ministry that Equips Women for Leadership Darcy Paape

November 2014: Sharing the Love of Christ with Mormons Art Vanick

October 2014: Ask! Praying as We Witness Dr. Jane L. Fryar

September 2014: Making a Difference In Your Community Rev Roosevelt Gray Jr.

August 2014: Responding and Witnessing Effectively to Jehovah’s Witnesses Kay Meyer

July 2014: The Dark Side of Emerging Adulthood Dr. Patrisha Herzog and Pastor Jeff Cloeter

June 2014: Serving As Christ In Your Community Greg Arnett DCE

May 2014: Going Beyond the 3 R's in Lutheran Schools Laura Montgomery

March 2014: The ABC's of Defending Your Faith Brad Alles

February 2014: Understanding Islam and Extending the Love of Christ Cynthia Kahn

January 2014: Outreach and Discipleship Culture in Youth Ministry Micah Steiner, DCE, MS

November 2013: Language Matters; Communicating Our Faith In Today's Culture Rev. Andrew Schermbeck

October 2013: Mighty Warriors Micah Parker

September 2013: Developing a Multi-Ethnic Ministry Rev Ron Rall

June 2013: Spiritual Prep for the College-Bound Christian Professor Joel Biermann

April 2013: MU-102 Snapshot: "Seven Styles of Faith-sharing" MISSION U Director Sarah Guldalian

March 2013: What to Say to a World that Buried God Pr. Joel Biermann,Lutheran Church of Webster Gard.

February 2013: PRAYER: THE FOUNDATION FOR MISSION Rev. Dave Haberer, Church For All Nations

November 2012: Enhance School Mission Efforts Polly Faszholz Gregali

October 2012: Developing a Missionally Minded Sunday School Dr. Jeffrey E. Burkart, Concordia U - St. Paul, MN

August 2012: Messianic Outreach to Jews Reverend Jim Weist

April 2012: God can’t use me now … can He? Dr. Micah Parker

March 2012: Building the Church by Building the Kingdom Reverend David Haberer, Church For All Nations

February 2012: Rural and Small Town Community Outreach Strategies Rev. Dr. Lee Hagan, Rural & Small Town Mission

December 2011: A Mission Trip to Our Own Neighborhood Greg Finke, Dwelling 1:14

November 2011: Church as the Community Center Reverend David Haberer, Church For All Nations

October 2011: Mighty Warriors: Seeking & Saving the Lost Dr. Micah Parker

August 2011: Connecting with Young Adults Jessica Bordeleau

June 2011: Activating Men for Spiritual Leadership Rich Cohrs: District & Congregat'l Relations, LHM

May 2011: Christianity is Life! Reclaiming Vocation Professor Rev. Tony Cook

April 2011: Generously Sowing Seeds of Hope Tina Jasion, DCO, Southeastern District

March 2011: Bridging the Gap with the Entertainment Industry Sarah Guldalian with Guest Jordan Reinwald