What does it cost?
Yes. For congregations in the United States, it is $750 to enroll your congregation in MISSION U. For congregations in Canada, it is $850 (U.S. dollars) to enroll your congregation in MISSION U.

Is a host congregation responsible for the presenter’s travel expenses or accomodations?
No. This is included in tuition. All travel arrangements for the presenter will be made by Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Is MISSION U an accredited university?
No. Although the format and style of this witnessing-training program resembles a university, it is not an actual accredited university.

Do MISSION U students receive any Synodical accreditation?

Are scholarships or discounts available?
No. However, please see below.

Can a MISSION U host charge an enrollment fee?
Yes. A host congregation may charge students an enrollment fee to offset costs for the course and the corresponding lunch. A fee of $10 to $20 is customary.

Is individual enrollment available?
Individuals are invited to attend a MISSION U course at a nearby congregation. They may enroll by contacting the host congregation’s church office.

Individuals are also encouraged to join MISSION U online through its monthly Webinar -- the Special Speaker Series.

Are course materials available for purchase?
No. Course materials are the property of LHM. MISSION U materials may only be offered by a hired and trained MISSION U presenter from LHM.

When are 'MISSION U' courses hosted?
Click here for the course schedule.

Are 'MISSION U' courses hosted during the summer?
No. The exception to this are those courses offered during LHM’s summer conventions.

Do I have to be Lutheran?
No, but all MISSION U courses must be hosted at LCMS or LCC churches (see below). Members of other denominations are invited to attend a MISSION U course at a hosting Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod or Lutheran Church-Canada congregation by calling the host congregation's office to enroll. They are also invited to participate virtually through MISSION U's monthly Webinar -- the Special Speaker Series.

Is it mandatory that a MISSION U host be LCMS or LCC?
Yes. Although we welcome others to participate in MISSION U online or by attending a course at an LCMS or LCC congregation, non-LCMS or LCC churches may not host a course. This is because LHM is an auxiliary of the LCMS and LCC, which is a sister church of the LCMS . Therefore, LHM's client base includes LCMS and LCC congregations and entities.

How are presenters selected?
Since LHM is owned by the Lutheran Laymen’s League, our presenter roster includes both lay people and professional church workers. This roster includes women and men of all ages who adhere to Lutheran Confessional Theology and are devoted to sharing the message of hope and salvation that comes only through Jesus Christ.

Each presenter possesses a unique background, often with expertise in ministry, communications, and business. All presenters regularly attend and are members of an LCMS congregation and each exemplifies spiritual maturity and a desire to witness to his or her faith on a consistent basis.

Presenters go through a detailed screening and selection process. Each has submitted an application, presentation video, and qualified references. Each has undergone a telephone and personal interview and has taken part in training from LHM staff members. For more information on our presenters, click here.